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Are spare parts available?

Yes, your dealer can obtain spare parts from Antigua Winds, Inc.
For a complete listing of parts click here to view in PDF format or write to us at the Contact tab.

Where to buy Eldon?

For customers in United States, any dealer who has a current account with KMC Music Inc. can order Eldon products. For assistance locating an Eldon dealer in your area please contact customerservice@kmcmusic.com and include your city, state and zip code.

For customers outside United States, please contact international@antiguawinds.com and include your country and city.

How do I maintain the instrument?

For information about maintenance of the instrument, please consult with your dealer or technician.

Or you can check out online manuals from Antigua website: Flute / Clarinet / Saxophone / Trumpet / Trombone / French Horn